When we talk about exercise or intense workout sessions, most of us think about an intensive workout plan or a bulky man breaking a sweat in a gym. Fitness for women is usually limited to meditation and yoga exercises because that is something very sophisticated and laid back. Women make worse mistakes when it comes to exercises because of the lack of awareness and generalized exercises related awareness. Most of the online exercise plans do not include gender-specific exercises, and they promise excellent outcomes, which lure more users. However, no one addresses the elephant in the room, which is overly generalized exercise plans that are provided by the trainers and online fitness gurus. While formulating a good exercise plan, we need to understand that there are gender and body differences. Every exercise is not received by everybody type the same way, and for every gender, there are a few good exercises and a few that do not work. There are terms for bad exercises, but some exercises are generally gender-specific, which means you need to be very careful when you work out using those exercise plans. 

A simple example of gender-specific exercises are weight lifting and hardcore intensive workout routines involving weight and gym equipment; for a women's body, simple exercises can work wonders. You don’t have to make it all complex. However, you need to pick out the exercises that you feel will work out for you; otherwise, you need to switch to something better. Many women simply don’t want to work out because there are so many different myths attached to the workout routines for women. If you are afraid of working out and you are looking for some authentic information to rely on, you are in the right place. Here are five workout myths related to women that you need to say goodbye to right now.

 Lifting Weight Will Make Me Look Muscular

One of the biggest misconceptions that we as fitness trainers have heard is that weight lifting is for women, or if I lift the weight, I’ll become bulky. Yes, lifting weight will help you develop muscle, but the ratio of men to women muscle development is 70:30, which means you are 30 percent less likely to develop muscle as compared to a man. No matter what kind of weight you lift, you will never get as bulky as a man. Even if you see the female bodybuilder, you can see their muscle ratio as well. Compared to the men who have worked out similar hours, they are still not similar. Apart from this, there are specific weights that are designed for women's bodies, and they are relatively lighter than the weight lifted by men.

Cardio Is the Only Exercises for Women

When we think about good exercises, we want to break a sweat; however, for most women, cardio is the only exercise. There is no doubt cardio is good; it helps your body move, and it also helps you work your heart muscles; however, cardio is not the only exercise for women. There are many others that you can try. Women will start cardio without any strength and stamina-building training and simply quit in the middle. By the end of the year, they will complain that the workout is not for them, and they have a sprain in their ankle, or they have strained muscles. Either way, it is important to design a schedule that can help your exercise your whole body.

Soreness and Sweat Means Workout Is Working

Most women want to work out on their own without any assistance because they don’t feel comfortable with a personal trainer. There is no harm in training on your own; however, if you are not familiar with the workout routine or how you should work, this can cause some serious damage. Women think soreness means that workout is going great; however, sometimes your muscles are begging for help, but you feel this will go away in a few days. The soreness due to the accumulation of lactic acid is completely different from the soreness that your experience because of muscular tension. If you are facing unusual pain, maybe you should contact a doctor or fitness trainer right away.

More Exercises Means Rapid Improvement

Working hard is good; if you are determined and you want to reach your fitness goal, you can work as much as you want; however, the workout needs to be balanced and strategic. Ditching the protocols and working out for hours will simply make your body tired, and you might even end up ripping a muscle or two. This can be quite a challenge and if you want to get rid of this, get help from a fitness trainer.

Eat Right after Exercises

One of the most common misconceptions among both men and women is the eating habit after exercise. We all feel tired and want an escape, but eating is not the answer. You can enjoy a healthy snack right after your exercises, or you can simply opt for a protein bar; the choice is yours but relying on a big fat meal is never a good idea.