Becoming sad is part of life but sometimes when things get very overwhelming you will see that you will also lose the will to wake up and perform daily tasks. Usually, depression becomes common during winters when the body lacks energy and feels lethargic. Most people who sleep a lot also report that they have been diagnosed with clinical depression. The main idea is that your sleeping pattern, water, or feeling overwhelmed has no direct impact on your body especially causing any depression, however, these are considered some basic symptoms so you will see the impact.

Experts explain that the distorted sleeping pattern and restless sleep are because the body constantly feels like it is drained and weak so it requires more sleep to function. Similarly, in winters when your body needs to seek warmth most people stay indoors to avoid extreme cold, they also have very less interaction with the sunlight. Experts in the behavior sciences explain that although exercise will not cure your clinical depression completely but yet it will offer your body enough boost to get you through the day. With a good enough exercise plan, you will also be able to reduce the chance of sickness and you will also see significant improvement in your symptoms.

With the help of this article, we will mainly look at the importance of exercise and how it can help you cure depression. We will also look at some of the best exercises that you can perform in just 15 minutes for improving your depression-based symptoms.

What Is The Connection Of Exercise With Depression?

The basic idea is that when a person feels depressed, he feels like it gets extremely hard for him to perform daily tasks mainly because he feels lethargic, has very low energy, and also loses the will to live. On the contrary, most of these things are triggers because of an extremely monotonous daily routine along with occasional daily life issues. When these things are bottled up together, the negative energy accumulates in the body and so it impacts the mood and overall daily life as well. Experts believe that when you exercise and use all the negative energy to let out your anger and frustration from time to time, you will get to let go of all the negative aura and everything will heal at a much better pace. On the contrary, if you don’t work out all the negative energy will accumulate because you are just bottling up your emotions and this will eventually make you sick and depressed even more.

15 Minutes Simple Workout to Help You Stay Away From Clinical Depression

Meditation and Deep Breathing

Meditation and deep breathing are considered the best way to relieve your stress. According to experts, deep breathing techniques come with stress relieving therapies and they are performed usually when you have a doctor by your side. However, if you learn to perform meditation and deep breathing on your own it will help you stay calm in all kinds of situations offering you better control over your body, thoughts, and mental health.



Yoga is an excellent way to train your body, gain flexibility as well as combine meditation and exercise. According to experts yoga has so many fitness benefits because it will help you burn calories, gain flexibility and reduce stress all in one go.


Running high is not a myth, in fact, according to experts, running high exists and it will offer you a natural mood booster. People who are depressed or have bad mood issues even if they are angry or frustrated can benefit from running high. Just 15 minutes of the run at a very low speed will be enough for them to benefit from running high. The main indicator is that you will feel the heat in your body and you will break a sweat and right after you finish running you will see instant freshness.


Cardio is a great workout that will help you not only get into shape and burn all the extra fat but it will also help you let go of all the negative energy. Most people who start cardio explain that so far cardio has helped them reduce their weight, improve their mood as well as help them gain back their motivation in life.


Zumba is a mix of simple cardio along with cheerful music. Experts explain that music impacts the brain waves, our thinking as well as our heartbeat and our breathing pattern so when you get started with Zumba you will see that not only you are seeing improvement because of exercise but also you will notice a boost in your mood based on the music you are playing and the actions you are performing. In short, you will let go of the negative energy and get a mood booster.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to the way you plan your daily routine. Although most people end up with medications because it is indeed the first step to curing your depression, if you don’t work out or just sit outside under the sun, you will not get better. Behavior school of psychology explains that when you work out you are showing your body some willingness to live so you will see that your body will become more active, you will like to do things, and eventually, your sleeping pattern will also return to normal. So many people have reported that they have seen improvement based on a good and healthy workout routine, although this doesn’t solve all the issues yet they have seen enough improvement that almost all psychologists now recommend behavior therapies along with medication.